Trust Your Instruments

Apilot took off and crashed almost immediately. He took off with nearly empty fuel tanks.

Checking the fuel tanks is a standard procedure during pre-flight checks.

Checking the instruments before take-off, including the fuel gauges, is routine.

He didn’t do that, and it killed him.

In more advanced flying, pilots are taught to fly without visual references, understanding and trusting in their instruments. Ignoring what the instruments show, “flying by the seat of your pants,” can lead to disaster.

Spiritually, we have similar lessons.

Do we know what God says to us in His word? Do we trust God’s word? Do we do what He says?

Relying on emotions, instinct, “sight,” and ignoring God’s word can lead to disaster.

God’s word, the Bible, is our instrument panel.

We walk by faith, not by sight. (2 Corinthians 5:7)

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