Praise A to Z: Volume 1

Praise A to Z: Volume 1


Praise for our infinite, eternal God is unending. God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—is worthy of praise, from me, from you, from all creation.

Praise Him for His mighty deeds;

Praise Him according to His excellent greatness.(Psalm 50: 2)

We praise Him for who He is and for what He does.

Strive to continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, the fruit of lips that give thanks to His name. (Hebrews 13:15)

On May 5, 2016, I started a monthly praise blog with the letter A and ended with Z on April 15, 2018. In May 2018, I’ll start again with the letter A.

My prayer is that this series of blogs praising God will help you praise Him.


Here is the series:


Praise the Abider

Praise the Bread of Life

Praise the Creator

Praise our Defender

Praise the Everlasting God

Praise our Father

Praise the Giver

Praise the Holy Spirit

Praise Immanuel

Praise Jesus Christ

Praise our Keeper

Praise the Light

Praise the Messiah

Praise His Name

Praise the Omniscient

Praise the Ever-Present God

Praise the Redeemer

Praise the Son

Praise the Truth

Praise the Upholder

Praise the Victor

Praise the Word

Praise Yahweh

Praise the Zeal of God