Sudden Death

Harry Durgin: Andromeda from his backyard!

A very fit marathoner died of a heart attack. A newly-wed man died in his sleep. A parking control officer was shot in his head from behind. And many more suddenly died.

Wham! And each woke up in eternity, some to eternal life, some to a resurrection of condemnation. Some to glorious good news, some to eternal disaster.

It is given to us to die once and then the judgment. (Hebrews 9:27)

We do not know when we’ll have our last day, so be ready.

If you have not recognized your sins against your Creator, have not turned to God in repentance, and have not placed your belief and trust in Jesus Christ, please deal with that now, while you have time. Be ready. Don’t die in unbelief.

If you are in Christ, hallelujah!

For believers, there is still a call to be ready. For however much time we have left, let’s seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Let’s pursue increasing godliness. Let’s whole-heartedly serve Him.

This season is a great time to proclaim Him. “Merry Christmas” can be the start of a conversation about the Lord. Asking the question: “Are you ready for Christmas” can lead into explaining why Jesus Christ was born.

Let’s get ready to celebrate Christmas!