Speaking Different Languages


I can see an event totally differently than someone I know. Different perspective. Different language. Different reality. Different world-view. It can be very difficult or even impossible to have a conversation about that event. There are many instances of friendships ending, or even families splitting, over these differences.

Is that what happened at the tower of Babel when God confused people’s languages? They could no longer talk with or understand everybody, but could talk with and understand only some. People naturally gathered with those they could understand, and those separate groups moved away together.

Today’s world seems similar to me. People can have such firmly held points of view that others may not be able to explore those points of view with them. Folks can have entrenched patterns of behavior that are only acceptable to some, and they gather with those with similar manners.

I don’t have to fill in the blanks. You know.

From a spiritual perspective, we may or may not have a calling to reach out to some groups. But we need to pray.

Lord, come! Soon!

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