Resolve or Repent?

Acartoon character was turned away at the pearly gate. “But it wasn’t gluttony, it was just the munchies.”

We may excuse our sin. It’s “just munchies,” rather than a heart issue. We need to call sin, “Sin!” We need to name it.

We might “solve” the apparent problem without having a change of heart, without repenting where it is needed.

Perhaps we work on “curb appeal,” ignoring that we are building on sand.

Our New Year’s resolutions may indicate areas that need God’s scalpel, core issues that need honest examination and repentance, rather than just “improvement.”

Perhaps a goal for weight loss should prompt more than a resolution to stop eating so many carbs. Is there underlying sin? Is food a substitute for dealing with anxiety or anything other than seeking the Lord? People can be normal weight and still love food in a sinful way.

Perhaps a resolution relating to temper or speech has an underlying issue of anger, which needs confession and repentance. A person might solve their speech, but seethe underneath, and have their anger come out in other ways.

If you do New Year’s resolutions, there may be unexpected hints where you need to reflect and repent. At least, that is what I found.


This is not to dismiss resolutions! For example Ezra set his heart to study the law of Yahweh, practice it and teach it! Ezra 7:10


Father, please show me my sins. Please help me be honest with myself. Please help me not excuse myself or minimize my need. Please help me confess and repent. Thank You that You promise to forgive and to cleanse me from all unrighteousness.

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