Not My Fault!

Eve blamed the serpent. Adam blamed God who gave him the woman.

I’ve heard this called the second original sin. Certainly, casting blame is second nature.

One time I walked with a friend and her young son. He tripped over a rock … and blamed the rock!

You laughed! But I bet this isn’t unfamiliar.

When someone blames another person or situation or God rather than him or herself, that person is not taking responsibility. This leads to lack of repentance, failure to confess, and inability to grow. It is deadly. Without repentance and belief, people die in their sins.

The US currently has many people, and large groups of people who blame their current lives on others, or the system, or God. They demand their “rights,” but, instead of accepting any responsibility, they blame. This harms our county as well as themselves. We blame a person for … We blame a system for ….  We blame God for … And on and on. And on.

What to do

For ourselves, believers in Christ, we must take responsibility for our own sins. We must never blame (James 1:13-15). We must abjectly confess (Psalm 51). We can rejoice, knowing God, when we confess, forgives our sins (1 John 1:9).

As the Holy Spirit prompts us, we can help others take responsibility and stop blaming.

And we must continue to pray for our country.


Father, thank You that You are our Holy Judge and Savior. Thank You that You hate sin. Thank You that You see everything: motives, thoughts, words, and deeds. Thank You that in Your timing, You judge. Thank You for saving those who have repented and believe in Your Son. 

Thank You that You are using for Your glory and our sanctification the mess we are in. Please show us our sin and lead us to repentance and belief. Please strengthen Your church that we might be Your light in this dark world. 

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