God’s Daily Grace


Iam self-critical, and the verses telling us to examine ourselves always result in my seeing my sins. (Which I need, of course, but God blesses me also.)

I do regularly list God’s blessings to me.

But I don’t regularly examine my life to see God’s myriad grace in my life (apart from His awesome saving work). I am missing encouragement, joy, and gratitude.

I need to look for:

How I’ve grown spiritually.

His protection.

His providence.

How has God:

Worked in me to please Him more?

Taught me to walk in a manner more worthy of Him?

Brought people and circumstances into my life that helped me and others?

His grace in my life:

I can think of times He kept me safe, when left to myself I would have been hurt or at risk. I remember reaching just the right physician on call on a Sunday who ended up changing the course of an illness for a loved one. I know I am living a more mature spiritual life. I remember times I felt His pleasure at my obedience. Things I used to think about are no longer on my mind. Some sinful behaviors are now rare, if ever.

This is evidence that He is working in me to want to do His will and to actually do His will (Philippians 2:13). And I rejoice that He will keep working in me until I am taken to glory (Philippians 1:6). And it is evidence about His miraculous providence.

And now

While I will still work to identify sins confess it, and tackle it with His power, I am also going to watch for His grace in my daily walk. And thank Him!

Certainly, I will keep watching for sin, but I am now determined to watch for His daily grace as well.

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