Easter Eve

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They didn’t know it was Easter Eve

The time between Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection was dark.

Jesus told His disciples He would rise on the third day, but they did not comprehend it.

Jesus was tortured, mocked, and died a horribly painful death. The centurion, who had seen many deaths, knew Jesus was dead, and declared that to Pilate. Jesus’ body was released and put in a tomb. Jesus was dead dead dead.

Jesus Christ’s disciples gathered in the upper room, and locked the door. Were they next?

We can guess some of their conversation amidst their tears. We thought … We hoped …

They believed it was all over.

In the meantime, Jesus Christ is proclaiming victory to those in prison!

They didn’t know they were waiting for Christ’s resurrection, but they were.

They didn’t know it was Easter Eve.

We are blessed

We are blessed, because we know what we are waiting for.

In the countdown to Christmas, sometimes I will say: “Happy Christmas Eve Eve Eve.”

What we don’t know is how many “Eves” are left. Tomorrow, with one “Eve?” A week from now, with seven “Eves?” Or?

In any case, we know what is coming, even though we don’t know when.

We are blessed.

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