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I am not going to list the evils, troubles, and trials in the world, in the US, in your country, in my life. You have a list similar to mine, I’m sure.

What is going on, and what should we be doing?

We need to be praying fervently, of course.

We also have the opportunity to be distinctive. We can live grateful, joyous lives because we are in Christ and know God’s promises. We can make people wonder and ask us how we can have that attitude. We can help them look to Christ.


One way to be distinctive as a Christian is to be content.

I published five posts about contentment in 2017 (Current Event BingoBe Discontent, Ten Steps to ContentmentWhen to be Content, and Content in the Mess).

Whatever I learned, it didn’t stick.

Here is a short review for my own benefit, and I hope for yours.


Be discontent with your spiritual state. Pray. Lord, I am agitated and uneasy. I know You are in control and that You love me. Please forgive me. Please increase my trust in You. Please help me surrender to Your glorious will. Help me rejoice in the Lord always.


Work on your head, heart, and hands.

God knows everything and is totally in control of what is going on. The world is His. The nations are His. He has holy reasons for what is going on.

For Christians, He is our loving sovereign. His incomprehensible, infinite love for His children means He is with us, sustaining us through our hard times, and uses our circumstances for good.

Study God’s word and absorb these facts. Memorize and meditate on His word. Determine to believe and trust Him. Surrender to His will. Trust is the key for contentment.

Delight in His will. In everything give thanks. Rejoice in the Lord always.

Head, heart, and hands reinforce each other. As you increasingly know God, you increasingly want to serve Him, which brings joy. As your knowledge of Him becomes deeper and permeates your heart and your life, you trust Him more. That brings joy and contentment.


Watch yourself for discontent. When you notice an emotion signaling discontent, confess it and confront it. Intentionally take yourself through the steps in head, heart, and hands.

Pray! Pray! Pray!

Father, You are our almighty, holy God. We know You are working everything according to Your holy will. Thank You that You told us times will get worse as we approach Christ’s second coming. Thank You that You HATE sin, and are the righteous judge. Thank You for your promises to those who believe in Christ. Thank You that You are bring more people to Christ. Please help us totally trust You, what You are doing in the world, and in our lives. Please help walk in a manner worthy of You, and help us let others know about You.

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