Accept God’s Help!

“NO! I can do it! Let me!”

These are cries during the terrible-twos. And older children too!

There are times Christians don’t accept, or even resist, God’s help.

We may say to God: “NO! I can do it!”


Why in the world would we not accept God’s help?

Probably we all believe Almighty God’s help is available and that we’d, of course, welcome it.

But when we are faced with a problem, a difficult situation, or a personal “melt-down” of any degree, we don’t always seek His help, or accept His help, or even remember He is there for us.   

This can come from not having the Lord top-of-mind. We wouldn’t ask for help if we don’t even remember He can help.

Doing it yourself, without God, might be a habit, which you need to break.

Or maybe, we think this particular problem is something He isn’t interested in, or, even, beyond Him. Or maybe that we don’t deserve His help. Oh dear. That sounds like unbelief.

Or, maybe, we might think this is something we can handle without Him. Sounds like pride!

We must seek and accept His help. This world is difficult and getting darker. We cannot live our lives in a way that is pleasing to Him without His help.

Resolve to become increasingly grounded in His Word, and routinely call His words to mind.

Resolve to seek Him first.

Resolve to know that you cannot do it; to know that you must have, and accept, God’s help.

He is God and we are not!

(See We Have Help!)

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