Answered Prayer: My Eyes

Several years ago, I suddenly could not see well. We were 1200 miles from my regular doctors, so I saw an unfamiliar optometrist and then a retinal specialist. I had two macular holes and needed retinal surgery. 

I sent the records to my doctors in Colorado, and we began watching the weather to be able to get home.

There were many, many answers to prayer during this time. The biggest was that the Lord brought me to trust Him for my eye problem, to trust His sovereignty over my sight, and to trust His love. I came to realize that if I lost my sight, He would be with me and He would have blessings for me. I, of course, prayed He’d heal my eyes, but it was awesome to know either way He would have a purpose for me.

One of the answers to prayer was whether to have cataract surgery before retinal surgery or afterwards. The Texas advice was to have retinal surgery first because cataract surgery would further open the hole. The Colorado advice was that I would have better outcomes if I had cataract surgery first. It seemed like a very big decision and I prayed about it for the weeks it took to get home. 

At my first Colorado visit with an ophthalmologist, she discovered I had drainage problems in both eyes, which had to be correctly prior to retinal surgery. 

Guess what the procedure was to correct the drainage problem.

Cataract surgery!

I had to laugh. What a crystal-clear answer to prayer!

Thank You, Lord!

And thank You for my restored sight!

What an awesome God we serve.


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