Silver Linings

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)

This is an awesome promise from Almighty God who cannot lie and who fulfills ALL His promises, including this one. He will work together for good all things …

But, First, Are You Included?

But first, are you included in this promise? The promise is conditional.

Do you love God?

Are you called by God according to His purpose?

If so

If you are included in His promise, then whatever (WHATEVER) comes your way, bad or good, God works it for good for you.

Silver Lining

Bad things at the moment. Good things ultimately.

I’ve heard it called “blessings in disguise.” The temporal view of being affected by sin and evil is never a blessing. Sin and evil are truly bad. But, God turns the sin/evil (or apparent good) touching us into good.

We are told to be joyful with various trials. We are told that when we are persecuted, we are blessed.

We must learn to look at events with a long view. Perhaps, a much longer view. God is the only One with eternal perspective, but we can try.

Give Thanks

The bad things that happen to us are, well, bad. We shouldn’t try to redefine them. Bad is bad. Evil is evil.

But, as Christians, we MUST look beyond the event to our faithful, loving sovereign. We must believe Him. Not just believe in Him, but believe what He says.

So we can indeed give Him thanks in everything, knowing He is in control and that He is working this event into good for us. Give thanks in the good. Give thanks in the bad, knowing He keeps His promises.