I’ve Got This

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I’ve Got This

“I’ve got this,” says someone picking up a tab.

“I’ve got this,” says a person moving a heavy box.

“I’ve got this,” says someone who is solving a thorny issue.

“I’ve got this,” says our most high, all-powerful, eternally faithful God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The Facts 

God is in control of everything and everybody all the time.

God’s providence brings innumerable actions together for His own purpose.

God’s glorious plan results in judgment of evil and glorification of His righteous.

God loves His adopted children, and guarantees that everything (everything that seems good to us and everything that seems bad to us) will work together for good.

God is trustworthy.

We are responsible to walk in His way.

Hard Times

God’s glorious plan includes hard times. For His own reasons, He is allowing evil in this present time. 

We are affected by trouble, and the Father works that trouble in our lives to make us more like His beloved Son.

We are His witnesses, testifying to Him, and declaring His love and power. We are to be His lights in the world.

What to Do

Determine to trust God.

Determine to do the work He has for you to do.

Determine to press on.

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